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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Human Relations

Most Important Aspects of Human Relations

Good human relations are required everywhere: in management, in business, in family life, in personal life, in social life, in public life; literally everywhere. Everywhere we interact with people and not every time these interactions are the most welcome ones. Despite it, how many of us seriously and sincerely look into these aspects and do something to improve upon them for the next series of interactions?

Take some of your time out now and try to understand the most important aspects of good human relations given below:
  1. Respect everyone.
  2. Do not insult anyone.
  3. Be courteous to everyone.
  4. Be genuinely interested in people.
  5. Do not pretend, be genuine.
  6. Be cheerful.
  7. Show your good and pleasant appearance.
  8. Give your best smile to others (it takes 72 muscles to frown, only 14 muscles to smile).
  9. Radiate friendliness.
  10. Radiate enthusiasm.
  11. Always be punctual; keep no one waiting.
  12. Keep your promises.
  13. Acknowledge all introductions cordially.
  14. Extend a hearty handshake; not a flabby handshake.
  15. Try to remember the names of everyone you meet.
  16. Address the persons you meet by their appropriate names.
  17. Look people in the eye while conversing with them.
  18. Speak to everyone with calm assurance.
  19. Do not raise your voice.
  20. Never indulge in gossip.
  21. Never meddle in personal affairs of others.
  22. Be a good listener.
  23. Do not keep on speaking.
  24. Listen to others’ viewpoints keenly.
  25. Respond; do not react.
  26. Be alert.
  27. Be fair to all.
  28. Avoid unnecessary arguments.
  29. Keep control of yourself even if provoked.
  30. When you are in the wrong or you make mistake, accept with humility.
  31. Have a good sense of humor with an ability to laugh at yourself.
  32. Be open-minded.
  33. Be tolerant.
  34. Be considerate.
  35. Be empathic.
  36. Practice humility.
  37. Be sympathetic.
  38. Do not complain.
  39. Do not seek sympathy.
  40. Be loyal.
  41. Be sincere.
  42. Do not boast.
  43. Do not show off.
  44. Do not drop names to show your importance.
  45. Cooperate readily and cheerfully.
  46. Be helpful.
  47. Be ready to be of service to others.
  48. Do not exploit others.
  49. Do not mislead others.
  50. Do not deceive anyone.
  51. Praise generously.
  52. Do not criticize; yet communicate your displeasure or disagreements assertively without intentions of hurting others.
  53. Never laugh or cut jokes at others' expense.
  54. Say “thank you” expressively, also profusely when needed and not just politely.
  55. Take pride in your work.
  56. Do your best today.
  57. Do your best every day.
  58. Spread your goodwill.

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